Sunday, July 30, 2006


Not a Farewell--more like a hiatus, actually. . .

Well, thanks to my new venture and a bunch of other exciting and not-so-exciting developments in my life, I will not be updating this particular blog as often as I would like—it’d be best for the few who are reading this to check out my WordPress one at, which will feature not only business updates as I had originally envisioned but personal updates as well. Thanks to all who have frequented this blog, and I hope to eke out some free time in the near future for this poor, neglected journal. Priorities, priorities.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I’d hate to begin this first post on this blog in two months with something downbeat, but just learned of Mako’s (Makoto Iwamatsu) death from cancer. Sucks.

I should write more. I loved his vocal performances, even the so-so ones. Comparable in talent is another Asian-American voice actor (and all-around great actor), Clyde Kusatsu, who thankfully is still alive to give performances. Mako will, doubtless, be missed by many who grew up adoring his throaty deliveries.

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