Wednesday, February 27, 2008


WTS #166

(Warning: rough language ahead.)

Buckle up, guys.

Jeff, it’s been time for a revolution. Waaaaaaayyyyyy past fucking time. But how many true Toonami lovers are out there?

The answer frightens me, and I hope it’s just my jittery nerves which are deceiving me. It seems that there are TWENTY. Maybe less. And why is that? A possible reason is mentioned in your audience—Toonami’s growing irrelevance. This generation has lowered its threshold of quality for entertainment, letting mediocre singers like Hannah Montana and cartoons like Naruto steal their time away from programming more deserving of it. Justice League would still be on air with its original cast if DCAU fans had mobilized, instead of having faded away to nothingness, its series finale little hyped. Nickelodeon is the channel Toonami was, and that’s depressing. Because while CN had the Saturday evening action block, Nickelodeon was left sucking its fumes—actually, to tell you the truth, I believe Nick was sucking Toonami fumes for years and before Toonami, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and S.W.A.T. Kats and Exosquad. Hell, they arguably were choking on Aladdin the animated series and even sub-standard Disney afternooner shows like Bonkers and Goof Troop. They couldn’t hold a damn rolled-up Rand McNally plastic one-sheet map of the world to Gargoyles.

But then that stopped and now Nick has Jimmy Neutron, Avatar and, fucking, The Fairly Odd-Parents. CN has the promising Ben 10: Alien Force, Storm Riders, and not much else in terms of watchable action programming. Even their George of the Jungle is an import which looks to have been made with a budget that would embarrass even Jay Ward. If all of CN’s watchable animated content were integrated into the Toonami block, it would truthfully consist of Storm Riders and Ben 10. Pathetic.

I’m joining the call to arms, Jeff. I’m just not sure how many more people will follow and reciprocate. This feels a bit like the King of Sparta, when neighboring regions needed military assistance, only one man would be sent. Here, there are two; our odds do not improve, however.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Newer Post.

I do plan on purchasing the new direct-to-DVD Justice League when the WB kicks it out Feb. 26. Every new DC movie gets me hyper-crazy-excited, and this one is no exception.

Other than that, I have more to say about the current state my life is in, but will have to wait longer to write about it since I now do not have enough time to even eat. (JK!!!!! ROLFAO.)

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