Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Bump, Again

Just checking back in.

At some point, I will update with some review that should've been done a looooooooooong time ago. At what point? I dunno.

I also will complete my Annie Award voting duties soon. Which is exciting, since these Awards are the first time in many years I've seized the chance to do so.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


AVATAR and Other Stuff

I didn't even get the opportunity to make a year-ending post, like I've done in years past, because I've been feeling burnt out. Seriously, I know you guys don't read this for the excuses, but I'm writing one anyways. Read on if you will; or, if you don't want to, go here and enjoy yourself.

When a writer is burnt out and writes anyway, the quality of the writing can reach comments-on-YouTube-and-IMDb levels of incoherence. Just check some of my past posts to see evidence of this. Or, some writers just do the lazy thing, and copy-and-paste.

I'm old-skool. I don't believe in copy-and-paste, unless if what you're copying-and-pasting are useful links. That lead to interesting websites. I haven't had the time, even, to do the things I've said I'd would do in earlier posts. Like review Superman/Batman: Public Enemies or First Flight or, like, any animated film that had its DTV premiere between last summer and the date of this post. Being burnt out has a way of sapping the energy to even get up in the morning, let alone update three blogs plus an animation forum in a perpetual state of evolution.

Best I can offer you at this point is I'm working on a way around it. Yes, there is a way--because I say so--but, more specifically, because we no longer type on typewriters but computers, with the aid of word automation software--offline and online. This has allowed us to produce more content in less time! I will unlock its secrets, and exploit these killer apps to my advantage.

At any rate, I will also make a bid for expanding my audience by advertising this blog via both free and PPC methods. This also means that I will have to purchase better equipment, since the laptop I've purchased a mere two years ago looks to be on its last legs--though still performing marvelously even now, because guess what I'm using to produce this post.

I have big plans, and I have already started on working on some of them. But not all of them.

So while not making any promises, I can assure you that action is being taken to increase my posting activity, I remain very much in the game, and to Jeff and Melon--I still read your posts! Even if I don't always have the energy to respond, fully in some cases, to them!

Stay tuned or if not, happy trailers!

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