Wednesday, December 31, 2008



I think I just might make these postings an annual thing for my blog. I like publicly reflecting on how far I’ve come (in 2008’s case, not that far) and where I think I’ll be going next.

If you guys recall (all two or three of you), around this time last year I had pledged to post more in 2008. This was the year that I should have made good on that promise, especially when you take into consideration that I purchased my new laptop in late May, and can update this from just about anywhere. It didn’t happen, not even the way that I had expected it to happen. In fact, I haven’t counted, but I don’t believe that, even including this post, I made it to 30 for the year. Yes, audience, I don’t think I even made it to writing thirty posts, though I did make my first long post since FLUTEMASTER, and that was, like, three friggin’ years ago.

Visual effects work is certainly down; being a freelance artist, I can vouch for this. And, if you’re a regular listener to the podcasts featured on both and, the state of the VFX industry has seldom looked grimmer. Many artists working at major houses have or are being laid off—extremely tragic news. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however—video game work is on the rise, and the console gaming industry is actually reporting profits. In this recession. And seeing as I can work in both worlds (effects for media and effects for gaming), it looks like I’ll be okay and doing even better as our economy regains its standing in the world again.

I’m still concerned for the fates of my colleagues, and will do whatever I can to make sure they get the work they needed to get through these temporarily tough situations. When we help each other make it, we all make it.

Back to my blog. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that 2009 will be a banner year for postings here, especially when you consider that I’m not yet done trashing The Brave and the Bold and there are still animated series currently airing that I need to write about on here, as well as animated series that have yet to air on U.S. televisions (Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures) and even live-action films I’m keen on seeing and analyzing to death. So, yeah, there’s still much more to come here.

I just can’t promise that I’ll get to them in a timely manner; one promise, however, I feel entirely comfortable in making. You will be seeing a lengthy article soon on more Brave and the Bold episodes, which should serve to put the final nail in the coffin regarding my viewership of this series. How could one expect any differently?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Jennifer Contino's Interview with James Tucker

The following is an except from Ms. Contino's interview with James Tucker on his Batman: The Brave and the Bold work:

James Tucker: "In my case, it means the buck stops here. I approve just about every faced (sic) of creating the show from scripts to designs. I also do a lot of the designs myself. Plus I approve the color styling on the characters, the background color, the takes at the recordings; basically I supervise the entire production at every point. If you don't like anything on Batman: Brave and Bold, it's my fault."

Okay, James. If you say so. I think a replacement should be in order. . .

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