Monday, April 09, 2007


My First Post since leaving Texas. . .

. . .And all I do is start talking about Jeff Harris.

In WTS #149, he wasn't as visceral as I expected him to be. I expected Jeff to rant more about the live-action programming. I expected him to rail on more about the Miguzi-type pablum taking timeslots away from the more serious, violent animated fare. I kinda, sorta expected him to complain about Ben 10, for some reason.

None of this came to pass, of course.

And I will be eagerly, rabidly anticipating WTS #150.

(P.S.--I promise to start talking more about the relocation of my venture to Southern California, when time permits. But, you see, that's the problem. WHEN TIME PERMITS. I want to buy a timewarp temporal disruptor, so that I can use it to milk 25 hours out of each day instead of settling for the 24 we all get.)

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