Monday, February 23, 2009


Needless Animated Sequels Not Limited to Disney

March 24 will see the release of Happily N'ever After 2. Who was expecting this?

Again, I repeat (with added emphasis). Who the hell was waiting for that shit? 

Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Latest Bump

How 'bout that? My poor negleced blog stagnates for 38 days while I party it up on Gather. To this end, it's no wonder why this blog gets such low readership.

At any rate, I'm glad Jeff Harris is updating Thoughtnami (congratulations Jeff on your new computer), and I continue to read it in excitement of the new ventures that will most certainly follow as a result of these late developments!

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo film is scheduled to make a splash stateside this summer. Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Tina Fey and Liam Neeson are lining up to take part in the US dub. Personally, I'm excited, but you guys saw that one coming a continent away.

Hulk vs. has been released, and once I get my hands on the copy I'll post my reaction to it as well as my reaction to Wonder Woman, the newest WB animation DTV slated for release March 3. I think I won't like the former as much as I will like the latter--how can you go wrong with Bruce Timm on your team of creatives? Lauren Montgomery is directing Wonder Woman, but I'm expecting Bruce Timm's influence to come shining through. 

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