Sunday, June 12, 2005


Another update

Slow news today, guys. Things probably happened that I don’t know about yet, so look for some updates to be forthcoming.

I think High Tension (Haute Tension in France) looks interesting. Mucho blood coupled with female masturbation--what an unbeatable combo! Cecille de France (gal who starred with Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan in Around the World in Eighty Days, hell of a change of pace) looks so different in this film from the Disney picture she was in with Chan and Coogan--and I believe she acts a whole lot different, also. Heard that the MPAA was thisclose (note the lack of space between this and close) to slapping Tension with an NC-17. It is obvious that Tension not only earns the R, but pushes it with a ferocity not seen since Saving Private Ryan.

In other related news, Ebert gives one * to Tension but three *** to The Honeymooners.

Err . . .


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