Sunday, June 12, 2005


Tyson loses fight

Can’t say that I’m surprised. Mikey ventures into Wacko Jacko territory. Some say he’s already there--I dunno. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

I prefer to believe that Mike Tyson simply needs to exercise more, lay off the Cheetos or the Doritos Cooler Ranch or whatever, and mentally reconfigure himself. Stop threatening to eat the competition, or removing their ear, etc.

Speaking of the other Mike (Jackson), jury’s still deliberating as of this writing. That’s all that I will say about the Jackson trial. I can’t imagine why you would want more Jackson, but Google Jackson and you will be irritated beyond belief at how many websites have dedicated their space to this shiza.

Back to Tyson. "I don't have the stomach for this anymore." What the hell is this? Tyson doesn’t have the stomach for this, this sport which is his life and his passion? Some bullsh&^. My hunch? He just didn’t want to be embarrassed by a seemingly effeminate Irishman. Look, McBride doesn’t have a whole lot of heads on his fireplace yet, but Tyson can’t do him in under 40 seconds like he did Savarese. Tyson got more than he bargained for, but only because he was out of practice and overestimated his own capabilities--a surefire way to throw a match if you’re pushing 40.

After the next six matches, if his boxing career is truly over with, at least he can do what this has-been did and see what happens. If he still has the connections. Hopefully, he does.

More to come in the next hour or so . . .


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