Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Another post centered around The Dini

I know I’m beginning to sound like Peter Travers, or maybe an obsessed fan in need of some form of psychological counseling, but this latest Dini entry on his online journal is remarkable for any number of reasons. He talks, if only briefly, about his work on JLU (Justice League Unlimited), a Harley Quinn doll he received from the independent delivery outfit DHL, and a teasing statement about a new manga project in the works. It’s all there, folks.

There have been many exceptional posts written by Paul Dini, but none (and the following statement is, I know, a stretch to say the least) so provocative as this 7/26/05 post. Mark my words--before long, Paul Dini will stop blogging as there will be so many comments posted to his journal that Live Journal will have to invent a peripheral to sustain the site through the avalanche of hits. When word spreads like acid on plastic, that Paul Dini is maintaining (and frequently updating!!!!) a blog about his life and works.

I really hope I’m wrong about that part where I said that Paul Dini will stop blogging. That would really blow.

Flutemaster article may not even show up on this website. But I’m waging a final battle for information on this shitty ass, poor excuse, sad reason for an animated series before I throw in the towel and concede defeat.


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