Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Blogs are created by many web surfers as a means to release pent-up feelings, or as a hobby, or to promote themselves. I will not confirm nor deny that my blog falls into any of the three categories, because I believe the style of my writings to manifest itself, to make itself self-evident to my readers. However, my original objective when I started this blog was to talk about other issues that concerns me, wrongs that needed to be righted and other egregious offenses to humanity. Tongue firmly planted in-cheek, of course.

This will be the first post where, for once, I talk about myself.

Not that this instance will be recurring; I am of the belief that there is nothing more conceited or narcissistic in the world than to talk about oneself. I have not begun to describe how boring it would be to do so. Which is why you don’t see too much of that here.

My life has never been exceptionally interesting. I was born in Utica, NY, 1985. I raised hell for my parents. Sometimes hell came to me. Animation was the only respite from these dark episodes in my life. In a recent interview with toonzone.net, Jerry Beck made an important observation about cartoons: Some of life’s best-kept secrets are concealed within cartoons. Unlocking those secrets could be the key to survival in this crazy, hectic and violent world. I for one believe he was onto something with that comment.

What has always kept me sane were my occasional forays into the deepest recesses of my imagination, fed by the imaginations of others. If I suffered through a “dry day”, my phrase for creative impotence--synonymous with “writer’s block”--my cure would be to pop in a taped episode of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego, probably the only good animated series to have walked the allegorical hallways of “DiC”. Now that we have DVD, I will once again renew my search for those early quality episodes.

What provoked me to post this? Dunno. Just felt like it. Now I feel strangely tired, possibly the result of finishing two screenplays or researching for the Flutemaster article. If this article feels rather incomplete (and to me, it does), my apologies. My energy is low. I will talk more about my early years when time permits, but first things first--I have to get the Flutemaster article in the can.

Talk about procrastinating and prioritizing.


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