Saturday, July 23, 2005

It seems to me like Rockstar is doing some familiar backpedaling.

I don’t understand why they have to do any of this “We did not change our statements” nonsense--it’s like, all of these explanations are unnecessary. It’s idiotic. While they don’t have to engage in any name-calling or low-behavior like that, they do have the obligation of rectifying some of the misconceptions conjured up and publicized by the lawmakers, politicians and watchdog/special interest groups. If Hilary Rodham Clinton is wrong, she is wrong and that should be made clear. However, Rockstar seems to be more interested in keeping their fan base than protecting their reputation and the reputation of the artists who work for them. If I were a member of the upper management of Rockstar (or hell, even the spokesman) I would point out that the “hot coffee” mod is inaccessible to all but the most tech-savvy gamers--I mean, you’d have to be--well, I understand that the patch was available for download on a terribly obscure website which not many people knew about (the gamers, “nerds”, who did know about it didn’t own the equipment needed to make the download accessible for their PS2--gee, I guess that narrows it down some), so that leaves us with this supremely bitter aftertaste. That those guys on a verbal rampage were, in fact, acting on atrocious information.

More to come. . .


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