Saturday, July 23, 2005


More news.

From Amid Amidi’s 7/22/05 post (sorry, Mr. Amidi, I had to copy your saying wholesale--the entire paragraph was good stuff)--

“It's great to have an enlightened animation producer who understands the grassroots value of connecting with audiences through blogs, and is now allowing the creators of all these shorts to share their creative experiences with the online community. Not only are blogs a common-sense way of creating and building a fanbase for TV shows, and distinguishing the series from the rest of the competition, but blogs can also help to demystify the animation process, allowing the average viewer an insight into how animated films are produced. That may not sound like a huge thing, but it seems like every other day that I meet a regular joe who is unable to distinguish between cg and hand-drawn animation and who doesn't have the vaguest clue about how cartoons are produced. Educating audiences about the production process, and all the hard work and thought that goes into the making of an animated film, is perhaps the first step towards achieving the respect and recognition that this art form so very rarely receives.”

Now, the following are my very own words. Consider this for a moment. If film stars, instead of being involved primarily in the creative department, put all of their considerable influence and pull into producing animated features and TV programs, animation stateside would be just as valued as animation in, say, Japan or China. Or just about any other country for that matter.


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