Tuesday, July 05, 2005


News, at the bottom of our standards & practices

Hurry up an' click on this--or CNN might rewrite their page. “Sex killer walks free and into TV studio.” What’s up with that byline?

It implies that Karla Homolka is a fugitive, conjuring images of a 35-year-old woman scaling walls like Spidey, passing through security like she’s Sue Storm and surprising everyone who just happens to be filming or filmed--on a set. Yeah--anyone would click on a link that promises to take them to that kind of story.

But no, CNN doesn’t deliver that story. Are they now sinking to deceptive tactics in order to increase traffic to their stories?

(p.s.--It is not shocking if they are. I’m not beneath utilizing those same aforementioned tactics, but CNN is a news agency for crissakes. They’re supposed to be above doing these sort of things.)


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