Thursday, July 07, 2005

This is profoundly creepy. I won’t give you the link to this guy’s online diary for fear of disturbing you readers out there, but this convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan has been maintaining a blog on Blogger for quite some time. I’ll give you the link to the MSNBC news article that mentions it, and only there will you find the Duncan link and decide if you should go further.

This guy sickens me. Apparently he is responsible for the kidnapping of the Groene siblings, and he may also be responsible for the killings of their mother, brother and boyfriend. I will not speculate further on this as he has yet to be tried in any court of law. I haven’t seen much of the evidence (save for the website) but what I have seen makes me feel like retching. Or buying one of those MIB mind-clearing devices to make me forget what I just saw.

This guy represents one more reason why most, if not all, convicted sex offenders aren’t given second chances by their communities upon release. Because some (note: some) don’t deserve them.

I can only emphasize that I have just recently learned that he maintained a blog with Blogger. How many more would-be killers and ex-convicts and soon-to-be-convicts maintain blogs? A scary thought. An even scarier possibility.

I would comment on the atrocious bombings that happened in London today, but oversaturation has already begun to occur. When I can find a unique angle to the story, I will post it in ten minutes flat, as is my speed. Right now, I haven’t even posted the Dini/Wikipedia article yet. . .


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