Sunday, August 07, 2005


Batman Begins, @ $200 million

Batman Begins finally reaches $200 million. The official take at this time is $199,126,000, but I figure that amount is an estimate and doesn’t take into account greenbacks earned on Sunday. Although this millennium Batman earned considerably less than the 1989 Batman ($250.5 million, over $400 million adjusted for today’s inflation), preliminary box office reports suggested that Batman Begins would fade out of theaters faster than that other Batman which sunk the trilogy, you know, the one with the Schmuckmacher at the helm. (Okay, I know that pot-shot was a little harsh. No harsher than Harry Knowles, though.)

Of course, Batman die-hards (I believe) were just waiting for all of the opening-day irritants (the wittle kids, the annoying teens, old people) to get their fill first, so that they could see the Batman in all of its unvarnished glory--concentrating, scrutinizing every frame of the picture, analyzing the most subtle idiosyncrasies of each performance, relishing every bit of sound. It was only in this sparse setting could they focus undisturbed on the matter at hand--deconstructing Batman.

Because, as we all know, fanboys are compulsive deconstructionists.


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