Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It Has Been a Good Week For Me.

Today’s post is a little unique for me, since I am posting from a different computer.

What I didn’t tell you guys before was--I have purchased a different computer (a Dell Precision Workstation 470 containing 4 GB of RAM w/ Dual 3.20 GHz Intel Xeon Processors and a Windows XP x64 OS pre-installed—which is being a bitch-and-a-half but, oh well—a SCSI 73GB Hard Drive [okay, I know that’s not much, but hold on] and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Audio Card with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 Video Card to round it all out), and I am still trying to get comfortable with it. Suffice it to say, posting here will be a challenge for the next couple of days, but somehow I will manage.

What this means is, I will now be freer than ever to create unbelievable 3D images. Even though this workstation is difficult to manage, they don’t call it a workstation for nothing.

I believe that I will always be a PC guy, simply because I don’t see a need to give in to Apple yet! Many people preach the gospel about how fast and how great the G5 (and, coming soon, the G6) is, but to me once you’ve licked a G5 you’ve tasted them all. And I have always hated their one-click mouse, that annoying S.O.B. of an outdated device (even avid Apple users admit, from time to time they go back to using the ol’ two-buttoner with the wheel in the middle because of the irritating lack of flexibility the Apple standard mouse offers them). Their keyboard, however, is one of my favorites and I wish keyboards for PCs were constructed like that.

At any rate, I do have a website in the works which will allow me to post my 3D work. When it goes up, sometime in the very distant future, you will see an alert—hopefully on this page.


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