Monday, August 08, 2005


Peter Jennings dies at 67

This news is making the rounds. I’m pretty sure all of you know by now. Let me reiterate--Peter Jennings is gone, from throat cancer. I am shocked beyond words.

There is a reason for me to be shocked. 1.) He was 67, guys. 67. 2.) He was a compulsive smoker. At least, that’s what the reports are saying. 3.) I will turn the channel to ABC tonight and every night afterward, for some time. And he won’t be on there.

He won’t be right back after the pharmaceutical companies shill their products, or after the occasional movie trailer flashes across the screen. He won’t be back after we see some commercial about a lame reality show premiering that night at 8p/7p central. He won’t be bringing us reports from halfway around the globe, from some remote region rife with violence or a world conference or an Olympic event.

As I write this, I am left with a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. What will become of dignified journalism now?


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