Friday, September 09, 2005


A Link for Fred Patten

Once I got word of Fred Patten’s upgraded condition, I like many other webmasters copied and pasted a banner from Kay Shapiro’s website to mine humble blog here. You can see the link in the sidebar. I urge you, if you are all out of money from donating to Katrina victims and evacuees, to find 50 cents or one more dollar for Fred. If you can’t spare anything, send him a nice, encouraging e-mail. I’m almost certain he can use one of those these days.

P.S.—If you go to the website for Fred, you’ll read up on why Glen Wooten has to collect donations for Fred. California is filled with assholes, insensitive assholes or inept idiots—that they would place a limit on how much income a sick man may receive, so that he may qualify for whatever limited state assistance they can offer him (i.e. throwing a few pennies at him), makes me wonder—are they (those who are in charge of California’s health system) sick in the head as well?


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