Monday, September 05, 2005


Perhaps only 75 years of time allotted to each human being; perhaps 90 if you spend some of it sleeping and eating right.

Okay, so after talking with a few of my readers via e-mail, I have finally decided to post the articles that I wrote for, in some serialized fashion (3 a day? 4?) over the next couple of weeks. My week’s pretty booked as far as activities go (and, two months after I’ve purchased my fab new programs I’m still learning about what the hell to do with them), but I can promise you this. I will fight to make time for my loyal readers, even if it means that I spend five minutes online then haul ass. Five minutes is better than nothing.

I’ll learn to type faster (guys, I’ve been trying to break the 70 WPM barrier for years now, bear with me) and post faster (well, being that I’m working with a free blogger service that lets me view two pages an hour, none of them current—let’s just say I’ll try to post as fast as the program will let me), but, I just will not, hard as I may try, be able to make as many posts per day as I will like to. I guess it’s because, like, I’m a professional and I have to find some way to put food on the table?

Just kidding. Nearly all of us over the age of, say, 15 have lives like this. Whether we’re doing college or the nine-to-fiver office-cubicle shit, there’s always some adult responsibility to tell us, “Heh, you’re no longer 13. Get to work, motherf. . .” and if we don’t cooperate we manage to end up, some evening, with a particularly big stick up our rear, trying to get it out in the most painless way possible. Ah well.

Enough bitching. I hope you guys can understand, and if you can’t, well maybe you oughta start surfing here from now on. Seriously. These guys should start blogging. . .


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