Friday, September 30, 2005


Today, Eisner is Leaving.

Tomorrow, Robert Iger will have the burden of shepherding Disney for the next twenty or thirty years—depending on his performance. Perhaps, if there’s a chance, maybe he will see the value of the 2-D style of animation, or successfully convince his shareholders that 2-D is still lucrative. All their 2-D studios are closed, but this doesn’t mean that he cannot engineer the purchase of a pre-established house. Sure, it’d be outsourcing, but what the hell? In my opinion, that’s better than just giving up and taking 2-D off life-support altogether.

Iger can repair the rift between the money men and the creative souls. He just has to corral the stockholders into this belief. He just has to believe that, no matter how you package the material, at the end of the day it’s the material that will dictate the success of the project and not the slick packaging. And then, he has to persuade the shareholders into believing this, as well.


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