Thursday, November 24, 2005


A Thanksgiving update

The snow has fallen, and the meteorologist says that we can expect 4-6 more inches by tomorrow. How reliable is the forecast, only time will tell. Like, 24 hours.

I am knee-deep in shit with the website. I have, like, 20 sub-objectives for every major objective. I’m like asking myself throughout the entire process, “Why couldn’t I make this easier on myself and just choose a pre-config out of GoLive, slightly modify it, then publish it (like 95% of Adobe GoLive users do, on the sly)? I could’ve had this shit public months ago!”

People who know me know that I don’t believe in making things easier for myself. And for what? I mean, where’s the challenge in that? Douglass Trumbull wouldn’t have received the kudos and the respect that he received if he resorted to executing these easy, lazy maneuvers (referencing his visual effects work). If Saul Bass just slammed some standard After Effects work together when doing his trademark titles, studios and filmmakers alike would have perceived him as some one-trick pony (who palmed his one trick from some other source).

It takes hard work to create something that’s unique, and effective on the senses. Cookie-cutter work is lifeless and ineffective, because most likely people have seen it before. Anyone can create a website that static and motionless. (Not picking on the people who have created their websites, as content is the main focus with those websites.) You do static and motionless when you don’t have much time. But, if you have the time (so my design philosophy goes) use it to make something worth seeing. As in, something that hasn’t been done one billion times before.

That's the approach that I’ve been taking with That’s the approach that I’m sticking with. And I know that I’ve poured, to date, nearly 200 hours into this endeavor, but so the fuck what? In the end, my Klaus Kinski work habits will result in the hijacking of many people’s senses (or not). Either way, I hope that out of the nine billion websites here on Earth, mine will be like that face in the crowd that you just can’t take your eyes off of.


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