Friday, December 23, 2005


Testing still going on. . .

The latest dilemma to strike is the compression issue. Aw shit, why don’t you guys make this easier on me and get, like, a damn broadband modem or some equip like that?

Just kidding :) . I like tricking people into thinking that I’m some egotistical fuck. I don’t know why people’s reactions send me into fits of prolonged laughter and snot-launching, but that’s the effect it has on me. Good times.

But anyway, dial-up guys (I read somewhere) still comprise more than 80% of all ‘Net surfers. That number is dwindling every day, but unemployment woes and lack of better jobs are the reasons why the rate is not more precipitous. Although, they say (“they” being the economists and those—I think—self-proclaimed market experts and analysts) the economy’s turning around for the better.

But the health of the economy is not the reason why my website is still in the testing stage. It has something to do with some other external obligations, responsibilities which exist outside the site. I won’t bore you patient readers with whining about those sort of things, but it’s safe to say that the site probably won’t even be up by the end of this month, and since this is December and the end of the month means the end of the year, I should rephrase the previous portion of this tangential sentence to end of the year. It is a shame that the Brudlos Brothers—one who draws the critically-acclaimed webcomic Alpha-Shade and the other, who handles the animation-side of the full-fledged extension to the comic, Alpha-Rants—can pump out more complex work faster than I can.

This reminds me of a time that I had to do this particularly complex animation sequence for animation class in college, and I was clueless as to where to start. Finally, after I had discovered my vantage point the deadline was on me like a G-man might be on a suspected terrorist cell. By the way, a G-man might be someone from the FBI or the CIA, or any American state-sponsored counter-terrorism agency (G-men, plural). Anyhoo. . .the assignment was completed, just after the nick of time but that was good enough for my very-forgiving instructor.

Too bad I can’t say the same for this bitch of a website, which has taken four months out of my life (add an additional month if you want to count the scribbles I made on some blank, loose-leaf printer paper the month prior, which later served as the mock-up for the greeting page of what will eventually be my site) and cost me an eye-popping amount of money. Not as much money as, say, launching a corporate site, but then again I don’t have a corporate budget to work with. The victim of my own lofty ambitions, I have not cried “uncle” yet but there were more than a few times when I dearly wanted to. Such is the extent of the complexity of what I am attempting to accomplish.

Therefore, as a result of my self-imposed deadline I am using the final paragraphs of this post to explain to you guys that some restrictions will now be placed on the amount of detail my site will contain. No extended Flash animation sequences, save for a couple “loading. . .” screens and flylines. No more major enhancements to the Forum, like I might’ve promised in past entries. That’s out. No trick pages, no Shockwave games, no mobile content—just the basic dynamic digital architecture that I started with when I hallucinated this thing into what it has become now.

Because this shitter is taking up too damn much of my fucking time.


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