Sunday, January 01, 2006



I noticed that, as I watched the New Year (ABC) on my computer, that Dick Clark’s voice was especially weak. Complications of a stroke and other related health problems, I know, but. . .it was bittersweet to hear him talk again, the best way he could. I hope he can do it again for us next year, one more time.

Ryan Seacrest is okay. To avoid massive amounts of flame mail and the like, I’ll just stick to saying that. Seacrest is okay, not spectacular.

And so it is, 2006, another year for revelations, for milestones, and I sure as hell hope for achievements—namely, that I can finish testing this damn website and bring it all to you, and start what will be the hugest and most illegal advertising campaign I have ever launched for a single endeavor. What will be so illegal about my campaign? Well, for starters, since I don’t have much of a budget. . .ah hell, I’ll explain it to you dear readers in a future post. Suffice it to say that the practice of guerrilla marketing has always been frowned-down upon.

I hope 2006 is the year that your life changes for the better. If it was good to begin with, I hope that it will become even better.


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