Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not too long ago, I discovered, and now I am a member.

Anyone can become a member of, though the writers can be intimidating given their mastery of grammar and nearly error-free essays. It is my estimation that there is not a weak article to be found there (on the entire site), and if you are not careful nor disciplined you will lose whole chunks of your life reading all of these essays and brilliant book reviews, some so brilliantly written that I will never again look at an entertainment article on the Internet the same again. I have experienced what some would call a revelation.

Long story short. All you shitty writers, thinking you can get away with not putting periods at the ends of your sentences and misspelling known words and phrases, mangling entire logical passages with fragmented syntax and poor arrangement—your days are numbered. No, I’m not talking to those guys who work 13 hours a day plus, and their brain’s fried and they make a mistake here and there. I’m talking to the smart ass 15-year-old who think it’s cool to type “sk8er 4 eyef!” and take shortcuts by populating entire reports with alpha-numeric alternatives to common verbs. Gather, as it grows in popularity, will eventually become an unstoppable revolution. At the very least, it has captured the attention of academia.


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