Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Oscar nominations 2006 Round-up Pt. 1

Okay, now that they have been announced. . .anyone shocked?

Personally, why should anyone be shocked that Crash and Brokeback Mountain (Best Pic nominees) scored? Those were the no-brainers. The real shocker came when Madagascar, the odds-on favorite to snag a nod, was choking on the dust of its lesser DreamWorks sibling, Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. All you guys pulling for Howl’s Moving Castle--just hang it the hell up. This is a sure a bet as one can ever make; The Oscar is Aardman’s all the way and beyond.

Amy Adams?!? For Junebug? AMPAS actually did it right this time! Holy shit. . .

And Frances McDormand? Again? Man, I’m about to go into cardiac arrest!

The other three aren’t that surprising, though.

Matt Dillon is finally recognized. Hooray! George Clooney is in the running with Dillon in the Supp. Actor category. So is William Hurt, for History of Violence. Um, yeah—who the hell thought he had a chance of being nominated.

We later found out that George Clooney is up for a total of four Oscars this year. Damn. This is a record only shared with Orson Welles and Warren Beatty.

In a few minutes, I’ll write more about the other nominees, and congratulations to the long shots. God, some of them were real shakers. . .


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