Sunday, March 05, 2006


Academy Awards 2006

All in all, wasn’t too surprised. Except for Crash. Best Picture. Holy ----. Every four-letter expletive ever said belongs in the space following “Holy”. Okay, not really, but you know what I mean.

John Canemaker winning. And he gave a terrific speech to boot.


Jon Stewart didn’t disappoint. A little bland in some spots, but it’s nearly impossible to hit homers every minute you’re at bat. I hope we see him again sometime in the future.

And yes, Three 6 Mafia. And Oscar. Another “holy shit” victory. And yep, Scorsese still doesn’t have one, which leads me to think AMPAS is just gonna treat the Taxi Driver and Goodfellas director the same way they just treated Robert Altman.

Crash. Ang Lee without a Best Pic statuette to compliment his Best Director one. Crash.

What a night. Adieu.


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