Thursday, November 16, 2006


Watch This Space #148

I have just finished reading Jeff Harris’s latest WTS posting, and I’m seriously asking myself, is it the most moving WTS I have ever read? Seriously, it’s really poignant. Here we have one of the most respected figures of TZ baring his soul in ways I personally have never seen before, about an area of animation oft-neglected as of late. The fact that Cartoon Network no longer feels the urge to keep the programming wholly cartoon-centric should be viewed as a crime perpetrated against humanity and is not lost on me—however, never in a million years would I expect that someone who has had such a huge passion for animation and a huge impact on how animation fans think and assess animated entertainment would eventually suffer burn-out. I should have seen this coming, but my naïve mind wouldn’t let me.

I think Jeff should get some kind of award for this. Seriously.


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