Sunday, December 31, 2006



So, here’s my last post before 2006 draws to a close. I will not write any Top 10 lists, since I’m strapped for time as it is. I will not write about what I liked most or least about 2006. I instead will write about what I look forward to seeing in ’07.

We’ve just upgraded our creative tools and software, so I look forward to working with these new tools, and new artists. I look forward to seeing the new TMNT. I look forward to seeing Delgo, which we may have to wait ‘till ’08 for. Looking forward to seeing Ratatouille. Ditto for Bee Movie.

I eagerly anticipate the onslaught of the next San Diego Comic-Con, which promises to showcase new technologies and film methods alongside entertainment properties. I hope webcomics gain more prominence in the American landscape—they are overdue for recognition. I look forward to the next version of Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash.

Last but not least, I’m excited about the BXT, the next incarnation of the TXB. Jeff’s got some stuff brewing that we should all keep our eyes peeled for.

I’d make this post longer, but it would seem pointless to do so. So I’ll end it here.


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