Sunday, December 17, 2006


My Website

As some of you guys know (all four of you), I had been wrestling with my website for nearly two years now, sometimes working with a couple of other acquaintances or going at it utterly alone. Well, now I’m announcing I’m throwing in the towel on big parts of it. That’s right. I’m done with it.

I will try to update my static Wordpress blog, followed by the Webcomic Directory and revamp the index page somewhat, but I in all honesty can’t tell you exactly when those changes will come about. I’ve been juggling quite a bit lately, and my workload will only grow in volume, not decrease, so some activities of lesser importance will have to be indefinitely sidelined. Wrangling with is that activity I have just classified as being of lesser importance.

This blog will continue to be updated VERY sporadically, but it will be maintained—this is stark contrast to what I had originally thought months back (and posted on here), but times change and so do human goals, and I have just altered mine to make room for this Blogger account I’ve had since June 2005. (Can’t believe it’s been a year and a half. . .)

I want to thank all you guys (especially YOU, Melon) for taking time out your tight schedules and busy days to check out my comparatively insignificant ramblings. Without your indulgence, I would not have the will to write (it is not that strong as it is—I have to make myself press each key. That guy who said “writing is agony” was onto something. . .)

Until the next post.


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