Saturday, October 20, 2007


Watch This Space #158

You know, I’m almost overjoyed, giddy with excitement, to read a classic Jeff Harris rant on the state of animated programming on the networks. WTS #158 brings back those lazy winter afternoons where I would sit behind my mother’s HP Pavillion on dial-up (of course), AOheLL and a cup of either chocolate milk or Sunny D or Jell-O pudding made from DIY instant powder. And read CNX, eventually renamed X-Bridge.

Remember, Jeff, when you picked on USA, Fox Kids, syndication (UPN) and ABC? I think CBS was in there somewhere as well. . .

I do. In fact, I still have many of those ‘toons on tape! Gosh, a decade plus gone away so fast. It was a whole generation, back when I used to rely on local listings for TV Guide instead of, back when Mom used to remind me to stock up on “blanks” (blank VHS tapes) for the weekend. When I anticipated each new episode of Superman, or even earlier, Batman before he joined Supes on Kids’ WB. I taped the classic (and I can’t believe those shows are, today, so old they contain a degree of film grain and are labeled as “classics”) X-Men, Spiderman, Super Dave, Eek!, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and a few others I can’t readily call to mind.

Keep on complaining, Jeff. The industry needs it.


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