Monday, August 04, 2008


Batman: The ________ and the _________

I’m sorry, guys, but what the hell is this? What the hell have they done?

All photos copyright (c) 2008 Warner Bros.

Ok. Ok. I’m willing to forget about launching a castration endeavor against WB animation for Teen Titans, but what the Frak is this monstrosity?

One: don’t like the design. It looks like they cut one too many corners with their overseas animation house firm. I know the economy’s bad guys, but. . .Two: Diedrich Bader as the voice of Batman? Huuuuuuuh?

Three. The villains. The theme music. I’ll be damned to hell--it sounds retarded! I don’t recall having these feelings since I put myself through Flutemaster nearly six years ago. While the animation is a step above, the trailer for Batman: The Brave and the Bold just indicates that all involved had this “It’s a kiddie Batman for the kids, let’s not try too hard with this” attitude. Sad, just sad--and if the pilot for this crapulence is anywhere near like the retch-a-thon I think it’s going to be, I’m gonna rip into this show the same way that most mainstream critics are ripping The Mummy 3 right now.

Come to think of it, I’ll probably rip this show worse than I ripped MarVista’s Flutemaster, simply because it’s a Batman property and they (Warner Bros. Animation) couldn’t be bothered to give it the same TLC they gave the other Bruce Timm/Paul Dini produced animated shows.

All photos copyright (c) 2008 Warner Bros.


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