Monday, November 24, 2008



As a quick aside before I post my Brave and the Bold review:

From the first paragraph of James Harvey’s Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow review:

“It also happens to be the first PG-rated movie in the line, a line consisting to date of PG-13 lines, so naturally, that must mean this is a very tame kid flick? Not so! I was absolutely surprised at the amount of action, coupled with an enjoyable story and some pretty cool characters. For those fans that plan to dismiss this title as nothing but a kiddie release, well, you may want to rethink that. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow manages to deliver both a fun all-ages tale coupled with some very intense action sequences that stays true to the Marvel style.”

From the looks of this clip, it seems as if James Harvey was paid to endorse this film. I’ve seen the trailer twice, and groaned both times. I just saw the Ultron clip as of this writing, and it is absolutely nothing to write home about. Something you could put on a SatAm show. On Toon Disney.

I will buy this film, and this film better kick the proper amount of ass I’m expecting it to kick, or I will refrain from purchasing any future Marvel Video Premieres, distributed by Lionsgate and featuring kid protagonists “getting ready for action!” This goes for that other glorified pilot Iron Man: Armored Adventures (set for 2009 release on Nicktoons and in stores shortly thereafter). I think James Harvey will like that one as well, because a show can get away with depicting feigned murders and feigned sex and still earn the distinction from James Harvey as being “edgy”.

Not from me.


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