Monday, March 23, 2009


Beware of Zeebo's new console!

Stumbled across this while making the rounds for my news fix at Google News.

This new console seems designed to be piracy-proof. You can only download games to it; no popping in a CD or a DVD or any kind of removable media. I myself can't remember having any "pirated" games circulating in my neck of the woods (Southern California), although maybe that's because I haven't been out much.

The Zeebo console hard drive is just a paltry 1 GB in size--if this were 1994, that feature would impress, but in Q2 2009 seems embarrassing. Content can only be downloaded over a special "closed" WiFi Zeebo-calibrated network.

I'm sorry if the following may sound ignorant to you, but piracy to me sounds more prevalent in the film industry than it does in the gaming industry. When it comes to publicized attempts at combating piracy, you always hear MPAA and RIAA as the organizations responsible for them, not any established interactive gaming association suing elderly grandmothers or single schoolteachers with no children whatsoever. Maybe gaming piracy is a bigger issue overseas (obviously, a system like this makes better sense for the Chinese market) and, per the PC Mag article, this system is debuting there first (Brazil, Russia, India and China). We may see it here in the States, but I'm not counting on it due to the limitations of the system's hardware in comparison to its established counterparts (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo), which would obviously limit its appeal amongst casual and hardcore gamers alike.

All in all, unbelievable.


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