Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Pixar's UP Will Be PG

The MPAA has rated Up PG for "Some Peril and Action". 

Gee, MPAA, how about that? Prince Caspian (incidentally, from the same studio that's gonna deliver UP to us) deserved a PG-13 but got a PG. Sorry if I'm calling the carriage before the horse on this one (haven't seen the final cut of the film, and one won't exist until hopefully, unlike Wolverine and the Fox studio's piracy scandal, the film is released in late May), but it's extraordinarily unlikely that UP will contain anything remotely earning a PG upon its release. 

I fully expect to be vindicated when, after you see this, you'll likely end up agreeing with me. Case you don't, there's always my Comments section if you want to share your grievances! 


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