Saturday, May 30, 2009


I Have Watched WONDER WOMAN. . .

. . .And will review it soon.

I'm just having a lot of fun running all over Los Angeles at the moment.

I had the opportunity to meet Don Hahn @ the Glendale Barnes & Nobles on May 28th. He was there to sign purchased copies of his second installment into his Drawn to Life series of books on the art of major Disney animator Walt Stanchfield. Good time was had by all.

Before that, I attended the 20th anniversary Little Mermaid panel, moderated by Tom Sito, at Burbank's Woodbury University. Lots of insightful anecdotes, got an John Musker autograph + Tom Sito's, got to talk to Ron Clements for a little bit before he took off, got to chat up Robert from Blue Sky + some Woodbury art students.

I also talked at length with Nancy Parent who attended college with famed Broadway and Disney composer Howard Ashman. She was called to the panel to discuss her friendship with Ashman and got emotional when she described to us how much she missed Ashman, who would've turned 59 the Sunday after the event. Afterwards, she told me about his work, how Disney brass discussed manhandling Ashman's work behind his back, and how ultimately Ashman (at times collaborating with Alan Menken) had to fight sometimes to keep his work from being molested by The Suits. She shared with me and a fellow animation colleague much interesting stuff (go on and criticize me about word usage later) about her own career, as well as the career of her star classmate.

I talked to Jerry Beck, who has a post of this evening @ The Brew blog, Antran Manoogian (ASIFA honcho), Donovan Cook. . .OK I give up, I can't list all the guys I talked to at the event (not out of some effort to maintain secrecy, but to truncate the length of this post) but I had wanted to talk to Andreas Deja, Floyd Norman (Mr. Fun), and Don Hahn (who was apparently there for a little while, then skipped town shortly thereafter--got him eventually at B&N Glendale, as the top of the post will remind you). Couple others, as well, though their names slightly escape me at the moment as I am typing at blurring speeds to try to get this post done within a manageable time frame.

Ultimately, this post isn't about my experience watching Wonder Woman but all of the factors going into the delays in the posting of that experience. I'm in the midst of capturing screencaps from the DVD & I hope to have them up sometime within the next two weeks, as I am still engaged in attending LA events at the moment.

Stay tuned! (Tooned?)


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